Monday, March 2, 2009

ruined for not but you

where can i go to hide from you
where can i go that you won't find me

where can i go that you won't seek me steadfastly

where can i go

where can i go

you've ruined me

i see in you in every vine
the sun betrays my shade
my fingers move for you
your face moves for me

like a little girl who still believes

that all boys want is to kiss me tenderly
the dark room he woos me to
can surely hold no danger
my heart would not betray me
this giddy assurance of my desirability

what good is awakening

when all i feel is naive again

the passionate innocence of propositions i cannot abide
like a virgin promising the world with her eyes

only to be discovered as a tease

unable to follow through on the posture of her mind
i want to be held again
clutched by the securities of a fundamental truth

i'm a runaway who can't pay her bills
what will i resort to when you have truly left me

what do i desire
if not to be smothered by your countenance

you've ruined me

i can resent you no longer

1 comment:

mme. bookling said...

i like this little girl.