Monday, January 24, 2011

6 Weeks

Tidal ebb and flow does not obey my whims,
Not of the great seas, nor of my draining womb.

Pangs of suffering do not ease at my song,
Not of the inumerable oppressed, nor of my straining flesh.

Peaceful surrender does not fall as I whisper,
Not upon the brutality of man, nor upon my fretting heart.

Time's presence and passage does not keep pace with my desire,
Not for the earth's rotation, nor for my yearning impatience.

I cannot summon the moon;
I cannot heal the poor;
I cannot calm the storms;
I cannot speed life on her way.

Though powerless, I bring forth life;
Though broken, you mend my many woes

1 comment:

CHall said...

That is beautiful. Congratulations. Prayers have been answered.